Friday, 24 July 2009

Maxis and Digi interfere our daily life

I do not know if other Telco companies do the same, but my normal lifestyle is quite badly disturbed by Maxis and Digi. My privacy is infringed and life is invaded by the MMS / SMS promotion messages by Maxis and Digi.

Maxis has been forwarding MMS or SMS messages days and nights to promote its services, products and other commercial ads. And I hate the MMS video or picture that take up a lot of storage space and some even need downloading and result in phone hanged . I found it is unethical lure subscriber to resend the messages to gain profit out of it.Digi begin its SMS attack recently, and its bombarding rate is nothing less than Maxis.

Due to the nature of my profession, I really concerned about the messages sent by friends and customers. Hence , I always paid immediate attention to it. This soliciting messages have critically disturbed my life. Not only the messages comes in the early morning when I switch on the phone , it also comes in the middle of my meetings during office hours , which I have to stop my work to attend to it as I do not want to miss any of the important messages.

These messages never stop even when I just carry my private and personal phone which not many people have the contact , a peaceful dinner with my family always end up in the drain.I had called to lodge complaint coupled with serious warning. And the messages did cease for couple of days. However, it makes a come back after few days with even more fierce and frequent attack.

I never complain promotion messages from any commercial organizations who obtain my number from any other sources as I understand the Telco companies are not able to stop them from this SMS practice in this free market. However, I am really fed up and against Telco using the subscribers’ personal information for its own interest and purpose.

I hereby appeal to government to look into this matter, even though the contract signed between the Telco companies and the subscribers allow for the transmission of these messages , the government should find a solution to stop the Telco from abusing this right and misuse the personal info provided to them to protect our privacy.

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