Sunday, 19 July 2009

Chua Jui Meng left MCA for PKR, how do people think?

Many bloggers and friends left comments on my article pasted in my Chinese blog . Some think he should not jump and describe him as Hee Yit Foong, some think it will still be the same as wherever he goes he can still find a platform to serve the people.

Maybe what we want is what you can do for us, and this is what the people concern…… In addition, we want to know what is our future, what will you do in the future. We want to stop talking the past – simply because, we have a bad PAST and an unknown FUTURE…..

Here are a few comments extracted from my Chinese blog to share. Besides, you are most welcome to leave your comment here, the forum is open :

Anonymous said...

I think our beloved PM and the Johore MB ought to step in now: Only Johore local born people to lead the Johore MCA!!!!

Why when Dr. Chua and Mr Tan Kok Huang were leading the Johore MCA, it was hormoniously united? Now? Sigh!!!!

The Disciplinary Board should ask the Greatest Man in the world to give full detailed explanation satisfying EVERY MCA member that why action should not be taken against Him, after all He had done so much injustices to other party members and kept spoiling the good name of MCA as every now and then He blames so many MCA members publicly. Isn't it too bad that the top most party Leader had received countlessly negative but true comments compared to the previous leaders?

If other regional MCA leaders who just openly 'give' some advice to party leaders not to damage party's good name as the leaders keep exposing unfounded 'inside stories' to outsiders and being called up by the Disciplinary Board to give show case explanation, why is the Greatest Man exempted????

Dr. Chua and Datuk Chua's cases are not the mere ones, what about His supporters who helped Him to be the No 1 Man? The Ong brothers' disciples have been pushed to corners too, Sigh!!!!!

Wake them up, pleasessssssss but I strongly believe our beloved PM knows what to do !!! From what our beloved PM has been in such a short period, I am sure he would be able to help the BN component parties, even though honorable DPM said they won't interfere. Johore MB could have quickily stepped in to help the Johore BN in particular and the nation in general!!!!!
July 18, 2009 8:07 PM

shltplnk said...

At times our nation has not been appreciative of Dato Chua Jui Meng's talents and intellectual ability. Our nation needs a talented politician like him!! Through joining PKR, Dato Chua Jui Meng will be given the platform to air the views and policies that can change Malaysia for the better. This opportunity was denied him by MCA!!

Dato Chua Jui Meng is our hope for a brighter and better Malaysia!!Dato Chua Jui Meng once said, 'a silent politician is no politician! Silent politics is equivalent to zero politics!' In the end he was silenced by MCA but by joining PKR he has ensured his voice will be heard loud and clearly throughout the nation once again!! Wohoho!!! My Dato Chua Jui Meng IS BACK!!!!!!
July 19, 2009 1:42 AM

Anonymous said...

Mr Gavin,
I agree with what you said in toto!!! Yes, there is no way to compare Mdm Koh with Datuk Chua. She only wanted everything for herself. How come there is a mercedes car to send her every where she goes nowadays? Who's car is that?

Whereas datuk Chua is a real gentleman! He didn't harm and damage the party before leaving. Uncle Boo, please look at yesterday's newspaper reports. He surrendered the duty to the deputy peacefully and in fact he still urged party members to continue supporting MCA and BN! Didn't you see that's what a gentleman will do? Goosh,you didn't realise it? OMG!!!!!

Know what the general public and the medical staff's comments on the Ministers of Health thus far? Dr. Chua was the best and most excellent!!! Not only he had planned a lot for improving medical services in Malaysia (be it public or private)and making JPA recognizes mediacal degrees from Taiwan etc etc, he even visited local and inland clinics which had not been visited by top mediacl people before! Know what? Many of those medical staff, nurses, HA, drivers, clerks, were so happy, thankful, grateful and overwhelmed in tears!

He used to be very careful and fast in reacting sudden uprising and unexpected situations. Many problems had been solved and resolved easily due to his superb knowledge in medical fields. Datuk Chua was also named an excellent Minister of Health, after Dr. Chua. He was very careful (maybe because he is a lawyer) and meticulous in his work as a minister. What they had done so far for the medical staff in particular and contributions to the nation in general will never be forgotten by all the medical staff and malaysians!!!!! Other minister of health? Find out yourself from the medical staff sincerely and the patients who frequent the hospitals regularly.
July 19, 2009 1:17 PM

iamataxpayer said...

To Tuan Tee high moral tuan puan of MCA

I am from Bakri, i have voted Chua JM for 3 PRU, but 2008 i did not vote for BN/MCA. Other than these Nasional issue, one main reason i didn't vote for MCA was...the cadidate was not longer Chua JM anymore!

I am sure you know many chinese in Bakri did the same, no more Chua JM, then better voted for DAP (even that time most of us did not know who was the candidate of DAP).

Don't know how to counting? I bet you have good math, just lazy to think. Never mind, i teach you here...2004, Chua JM (MCA) won 19k+ majority, and 2008, DAP won by about 1k majority. Pergi balik is 20k votes.So, give me an estimation, how many of them were chinese votes?How many of them change side because of NO MORE Chua JM?

You guess, but i can tell you whatever you like it or not, at least 5k chinese votes changed side because of MCA put an stranger to Bakri!Good Luck.
July 20, 2009 1:12 AM

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  1. iamataxpayer said...
    Hello to Tuan Tee and other High Moral Tuan Puan MCA

    MCA now has 15 MPs, 7 of them in Johor.

    3 seats in Perak, how many you think MCA still can keep after 204? Especially, the OKC has turn himself to HIDDEN mode?

    1 in Kedah, only won by 150 votes to a PKR youngster during PRU13. And this gentlement name was mentioned in PKFX case, so, do you guy think he can keep the seat?

    1 in Melaka, chance to keep the seat is not so bad, if, the same MP is still Minister and the Malay vote stay royal to MCA (a joke?). However, looking at the same MP gonna be "retire" and majority of 2008 is much smaller than 2004, I will said, this seat in Melaka is NOT SURE win. But better chance compared with Kedah one.

    1 seat in Selangor, hold by Famous OTK, won 2000 majoiry votes during PRU12. However, currently he is now in deep shit because of PKFZ, and has open fight with his deputy, i will say this seat is gonna in dangerous, some more in Selangor area, people are more open to access to information.

    0 seat in KL now and i bet majority kalah is getting bigger and bigger. I bet MCA gonna lost the deposit in Seputeh!

    0 seat in NS. There is small a change to fight back if without THB and PKFZ cases, but too bad, you have both unsolve-able problem. So, to win back Rasah and Seremban.....NO WAY!

    0 seat in Penang. You won't win any seat back with just one kampung bala case! You got to do more than that!

    0 seat in Tganu and Kelatan, please, don't try to get one.

    2 seats in Pahang. Mdm WYY recently show her un-capable of solving Bukit Koman case could continue become an issue! Some more one DUN under her seat has kalah to DAP. She really have to do something if she still want to be a MP next PRU. One of the MOH. Well, so far no big problem, the only problem is that he seem to be not so capable compared with Chua JM and Chua SL. However i bet he has better chance than NYY.

    Please note, without any SIGN, PKR has won 2 seats in Pahang during PRU2008. No suprised if DAP or PRK can won another 1 or 2 from MCA!

    So, now is Johor. How many you guys can keep?

    Stop talking about Win back Bakri, i bet it is a dream now. Your task is, how to maintain your 7 seats, especially these southern Johor that many chinese?!

    You really think Chua JM is just a losser than won't drag over chinese votes? After all this (308, 204, 507, THB, PKFZ, many many many), chinese has open their eyes, that MCA are the very last choice in their mind. Now even uncle level also do blogging, what else you can dream for?

    Not to mention another time-bom of your party, the Segamat seat! Nobody can imagine what could the other chua (and son) will do, right?

    BTW, do you know why is Chua JM but not Chua SL crossover to PKR? One of the reason is, we people want to enjoy the fight of Chua SL VS OTK!
    July 20, 2009 1:14 AM

  2. Anonymous said...
    Hi iamataxpayer,

    I agree with most of the things you said. In fact, the two comments under the name anonymous were posted by me as im not a blogger and I had thus far not register in any account yet. I am new here. I do share some of your views about mCA except i wrote comments more on Dr. Chua and Datuk Chua who had been pushed to dead corners! More than that, Dr. Chua has been maliciously and malificiently demeant, dismayed and damaged openly so many times. I am wondering why Dr. Chua has no intention to file in a case against the Man who keeps damaging his name and causing disturbances in the family (a friend of mine who is a chief inspector said that Dr. Chua has the right to do that!).

    You seem to have done some 'research' of the MP seats won by MCA in 308. I bet that you are mCA member of very close with MCA (it's okay because of the silent MCA members are furiously inflammed and agonized by what the Greatest Man in the world has been doing. i agree with quite a number of points in your analysis but there are still years to come, so things may change. However, I totally disagree with your opinion about the sole seat won by mCA in selngor.

    If the Greatest Man still holds power because of the support from the blind-folded party members, that seat will be contestedby other person, believe me. Tan seri Ong will be dropped and He will take over one of the 6 / 7 seats in Johore. [You may find it strange why do I say 6 instead of 7, you want to bat with me for only 10 Cents? if he goes to Johore, he would not dare to take challenge in Labis (not Segamat which belongs to MIC. You should know why, even if chua CY maybe dropped!) That may even make the number smaller, because He will disturb the bees' nest again! Please ask the Most Respected Johore MB to step in fast enough. It's not enough for him just to rectify the list of district and town council memebrs, he has to do much more that that! imagine, the young lawyer who lost the state seat in kluang area but was appointed to aide the state MB dares to bark at state MB. Goosh, my Buddha, so ungrateful this man is. I just can't imagine when has some Johore MCA members become so shameless and crazy! Last during Dr. Chua and Mr tan Kok Huang's time, all the MCA branches were very united, adhesive and cohesive, now? Sigh, but i quote from the blog[(10) 本刊说过,柔佛柔佛,名字带上“佛缘”,但愿佛祖多多保佑吧。]

    But the recent reformation of the new cabinet had again offended many Johore mCA members except those who only know how to piss and kiss ass! Why is that the person who lost in 308 election given a chance to go through backdoor? Ok, say she is no 1 in MCA Women, then why is the MCA 2nd Women who won a seat out of only 15 seats won by MCA not given a deputy minister's post since the Johore MP Teng was dropped? The secretary of MCA Women went through backdoor again, shit!!!! Try to check here:
    written by a Johore MCA member I think!
    July 20, 2009 7:19 PM

  3. Anonymous said...
    Hi shltplnk,

    I fully agree with you. You are one of the so called new-age people, whose hard core peopel will never understand, don't waste time with them Wait till they are in the same postion as the two chuas, see what they will do? They could have been worst then them! Believe me.

    Some of these people think that they have the old school of thoughts, but I sense that they have the type of 'slavery' mind and behaviour, what the top says to them is gosple truth! Let them go and kiss asses, lol.

    Btw, I try to follow your link and find some of your views were fruitful and constructive, well done! I can't but wanna drop some comments but unsuccessful with open ID and Anonymous name. So I dropped my comments in this block: I am not a blogger and have not registered in any account yet. I am new in reading and following blogs.

    Well done, all bloggers, keep up your good work! May Buddha bless all of you!!!!!
    July 20, 2009 7:38 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Oh yea Mr iamataxpayer, I think the next election Dr> Fong who was named the best Minister of Labour thus far maybe dropped from his place. He might be replaced by the Greatest Man's pet Ong (a lawyer). Lawyer Ong is a good and clean man, he has no issue thus far, and I think in most probability, he will win, even though majority might be narrower. He was actually named as deputy minister by unfortunately he lost in 308, sigh!

    I had written some comments about the unfair actions taken by the present Disciplinary Board of MCA, if you are inetrested, you can link to my comment in the blog
    I think the board is going to cause more problems in Johore.

    Can you remember the may 13 tragedy? I remember that year I was in Form 3, we went to schools as usual, the only state in the whole of Malaysia without curfew was Johore. I knew through my father who was told by a kampung penghulu no worry about the case as our then beloved Sultan Ismail had sent orders to all kampung heads not to caused any problem, otherwise ... The Federal Reserved Troop was blocked by the Johore Royal Soldiers at Sungai Rambai! The trooped was barred from entering Johore boundary simply if the troop didn't enter, there would not be any chaos. Our beloved GREAT Sultan, He made it! Johore was very very peaceful! Daulat Tuanku! I remember the Johore State Atheme, a good and peaceful song! I am sure you know the song well. Wonderful Johore Royal Soldiers, they did a terrific and fantsatic task to protect johoreans from the tragedy. Till today, most johoreans who know the case can proudly tell the whole world about this!!!!!

    Conclusion? Ousted those non johorians to run MCA in Johore. Tell them don't come and disturb the serenity, peacefulness, cohesion and adhesion of Johore MCA in particular and unity of BN in general. Tell the Johore MCA members to strngthen their backbones!!!!! Do you agree with me?
    July 20, 2009 7:59 PM

  4. Mr Anonymous,

    Thanks for the compliment! We all need to work together to fight for a brighter future for Malaysia. No matter which party you are, we all should serve our nation and not ourselves!! God bless...