Saturday, 4 July 2009

Bunch of Jokers in Malaysian Politic

Bunch of Jokers in Malaysian Politic

I have just returned from Actors Studio at Bangsar Shopping Complex, enjoying a Malaysia Bolehland Comedy Show – the Malaysia Masa Kini show.

I enjoy it so much as the comedians had really touched on my inner heart , as I always think there are bunch of jokers politician in Malaysia politic arena. Politicians are the best entertainers around, they talk nonsense, they arrest you because they want to protect you, they said it looks like me but it is not me, they said everything is act of god and nothing goes wrong in the government, the only thing goes wrong is the people who voted them for the past 50 years.

With all these nonsense, Malaysian shall be awarded “ the most Nonsense-tolerant” people in the world.

According to the comedian, the Boleh land also have many SPECIALS that others don’t have. We have the parliament that always LEAK, we have the flyover that always CRACK, we have the MP that always crack distasteful jokes, we have useless leaders that want to stay in power for lifetimes. We have so much racial problems and yet we claim we are the best model in managing racial issues.

And that is why we love Malaysia so much

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