Thursday, 4 February 2010

Gavin's Presence in Penang

30th January 2010: The Penang property market was

to be a strong force in the very near future. Thus, it

was no surprise that investors were already speculating about its market potential. Gavin Tee, the Real Estate Investment Consultant was once again traveling up north where he was invited as a speaker to participate in Juanita Chin’s ‘The Property Investment Club - 2010 Seminar Series’

Participants gathered intently as Gavin presented his speech titled 2010 – The New Property Cycle with Opportunities Begins

“The new year would definitely bring certain opportunities if you look out for them. Penang is definitely a market which I will study further as it has the potential to be a World Class Tourism Spot. By looking at its characteristics and recent property trends supported with the right developments, I believe that Penang can be a hot tourist destination,”
he said.

Gavin went on with sharing his predictions and the property types that will be in demand for 2010.

“If an investor does his homework and analysis, he or she would be able to point out the High-end condos, landed and commercial properties that will give returns in the long run.”

“You must be ready to invest for the long term, as quick returns would be limited and with an estimated holding time of one year. I foresee that the property market would only adjust itself again and rise up to its natural state within 3 years,” he added.

It was a bright and sunny day in Penang, where participants were most satisfied with the sharing opportunities provided by Gavin Tee and Juanita Chin.

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