Thursday, 4 February 2010

CNY Property Investors Networking Dinner

3rd February 2010: Last Night was a night to remember as SwhengTee's 2010 CNY Networking Investors Dinner was held. More than a 110 participants comprising of developers, property speakers, laywers, researchers, bankers, architects and investors gathered not only for the networking opportunity but also to celebrate Gavin Tee's Birthday at Berjaya Hall, Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park.

The event started with Gavin giving a welcome speech and making the introductions of his VVIP Guests, including Dato Yap, Ho Chin Soon, Juanita Chin and Chris Tan.

Guests could be seen mingling and chatting among each other as new friends were made, not only for the potential business opportunities but also to share their investment experiences. The time came for Gavin's talk titled "2010 - Real Estate Market Forecast & Opportunities". It was conducted superbly as the prominent speaker and real estate investment consultant conversed in both Chinese and English simultaneously to cater to the mixed crowd.

"The Year of the Tiger promises great success for the property circle in Malaysia, whereby an investor can still make great returns provided the right tools are being used. These tools would include Capital, Interest, Networking and Action," he added

He emphasized on the potential of the Malaysian Property Market by doing comparisons with the neighboring countries. "Malaysia is still seen as one of the least likely places for huge investments due to several key factors. Hence our property values are still way below its potential. If we are able to solve these issues there is no doubt that Malaysia can be the new haven for local and foreign investments," he added.

Celebrations were at full swing as the cake cutting ceremony was held along with the lucky draw prizes. Overall it was a fantastic night filled with social networking & learning; and made possible by Gavin Tee and Amcity Capital Sdn Bhd.

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