Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Two Hours to get your Passport? Bull Shit!

Experience in Hell aka immigration office

Heard that the immigration office is much more efficient today. You can get your passport renewed within 2 hours. After 5 years, I really thought I could get it in within the stated duration.

However, it took me 4 days to get my new passport that almost delayed my overseas trip.

On the First day, I arrived at Subang immigration office at 1pm. My friend told me I wouldn’t be able to get my passport in the same day. As Damansara Height is nearer to where I live, I therefore rushed to the Damansara office to avoid a long distance travel to Subang again.

However, after a long wait in Damansara office, I only realized the counter issuing the NOMBOR is TUTUP.

On the Second day, I rushed to Subang at 11:30am, I was lucky to be able to queue up at the numbering counter. However, the officer told me the number for that day has been all given out. He asked me to come back the next morning.

I was unhappy and complained that I have run over two places for two days and yet I was still unable to get a number. It was quite a distance to travel. What happens if I fail to get my number again tomorrow? I thought they promised 2 hours to get my passport renewed?

He didn’t really look at me and asked me to come back at 7am the next day to ensure I can secure a number. I argued that the government office is open from 8 to 4:30pm, hence why should I come in the early morning to queue? Won’t it be a better idea for you to open at 7am or 24 hours; Instead of getting people waiting outside the door?

He turned to me and realized I had a wrong form, and proceeded to pass me the RIGHT form. I questioned him on how it can be wrong as I followed the procedure from the web site and printed the form provided by the government. He acted with a “Don’t Care” attitude and told me the system has some problems to accept the internet form.

I asked if we can use the KIOSK to deposit our application. However, he replied that the Subang immigration office doesn’t have such facilities. It is only available in Damansara Height office. Thus, I quickly drove to Damansara.

When I reached Damansara office, the officer said NOMBOR SUDAH HABIS again. With regards to the kiosk, he said all the 4 machines are not functioning today. I had no choice but once again to GO HOME!

On the 3rd Day, I reached Damansara a bit earlier. It was about 10am after my busy morning work, but it took me half an hour to locate a car park. And eventually I chose to park the car illegally.

I took along my colleague for help. I asked her to line up to get a number while I went to check the machine. Fortunately, the kiosks are functioning that day. I asked my colleague to come down to help.

When it came to my turn, I realized my MyKard ( IC) has problems reading. The chip obviously has some problems. The officer got me out from the line and asked me to get a replacement of IC. Of course, it will be a temporary one, so, I couldn’t use the kiosk. I had to go back upstairs once again to line up.

I quickly asked my colleague to queue up again while I went next door to apply a new MyKard. I was fortunate that it only took me half an hour to get my temporary IC. And I finally got a number, but it was after another 250 applicants. I therefore went back to my office for a meeting as I knew it takes hours to wait.

However, I was kind of worried that the number may pass. So I got my clients to meet nearby for discussions. After 4 hours of waiting, I was finally able to submit my application. And god knows it only took 2 minutes to accept my application. Why should I wait for 4 hours while they only took 2 minutes to stamp and Acknowledge? Do they just mean to make the office look crowded ?

After my submission, I still have to queue up behind 60 applicants to make the payment. I was nervous because I did not know if I could make the payment at the same day. Even when the officer promised to get everything done for me, I was still worried as I realized only ONE cash counter was open while there were 8 counters to accept applications. And I was told one other Payment Counter has some technical problems to serve.

I finally made the payment at 5pm and got to go home. I was told to get my passport the next day after a long 7 hours of waiting

Fortunately, I got my passport renewed on the forth day.

So what is the government talking about when they announce that we can get our passports renewed in two hours? According to the officer, the two hours story only starts when you get to submit your application. That means, no matter how many days or hours you wait, it doesn’t matter and it is not counted.

And of course, it should not be considered during the peak season, ie school holiday. That simply means the 2 hours story is only applicable to the normal QUIET hours.

I really don’t understand why they can’t allow us to submit our application and get the passport the day after instead of waiting 6 to 7 hours. I really pity the senior citizens and those with a big family (kids were all looking tired there)

And eventually I realized that they did not want to give the number out because they want to fulfill their 2 hours commitment and to make sure the 2 hour policy works. And of course, to ensure the applicants get their passport in the same day.

That was the reason why we suffered. And I must say, visiting the immigration office has no difference when compared to going to hell….

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  1. Wasn't surprise with the trouble you went through at immigration and totally agree that is the same as going to hell... but then again.. it is something I need to go through time to time..=(