Monday, 14 December 2009

Muslim and Non-Muslim’s shall be separated in our resort?

I don’t understand why most Malaysians like to travel abroad instead of visiting our domestic tourism destinations. They fail to realize that our places of interest have their own beauty and could be much better than overseas. There are some reasons why people like to travel “far away from Home”.

I spent a night at Maxwell Hill in Taiping last week. We rented 2 resort bungalows but eventually we squeezed in 12 people in one house as we found the other home is really “ not tenantable ” or rather livable.

I was moving in the dark alone to take an adventure trip to visit the House in the middle of the night. It was a really frightening experience. But the most uncomfortable one was the picture pasted below :

The Cupboard was tagged with “ Muslim” and “Non-Muslim”,. The Muslim cupboard was locked to avoid the non-Muslim from use.

This happens simply because the understanding between all religions has a BIG problem in communication. It will be criticized as DISCRIMINATION if this happened overseas. But, in Malaysia, many choose to ignore or rather escape from the reality.

That also explains why millions of Malaysians migrate overseas and why Malaysians choose to travel overseas…


  1. This is not Discrimination.

    The vegetarians also do the same.
    The Jews (real ones) also the same.

    Understand why first, only then judge.
    my 2 cents

  2. Gavin, I'm a Chinese and I would like to tell you why.

    This is bcos the Muslim does not want the plates to be used to serve pork. Let's respect their culture. The best example I can put is the vegetarian. The Chinese hard core vegetarian have a different sink in their kitchen, one used purely for vegetarian only. So this is why the separate and they need to lock cos someone might use it. Let's put us in their shoe. If the bowl is serve with dog meat, you might not want to eat from that bowl either right?