Saturday, 3 October 2009

Gavin Reckons the Worst in Real Estate is Definitely Over

It was truly a sight to see at Menara Hap Seng on the 26th of September, where investors from all over came to participate at Gavin Tee’s passionate seminar on
“Is the Worst Over? In High End Condo Market? – KLCC Area”

Gavin Tee, brand as SwhengTee, a renowned real estate investment consultant, providing the seminar in both English & Chinese (2 Sessions), the participants were able to grasp the information presented intently. Topics like “The Impact of Cross Border Investments & Urbanization to the KLCC Market”, “5 Star KL Condos and 5 Star Developers”, and “Location Location Location is Wrong Wrong Wrong” drew special attention as Gavin pointed out clearly and confidently that the Worst is Truly Over.

While many are still concerned with the impact of the economic downturn, the facts that were presented were simply overwhelming. The indications all point out to the potential and rise of the Asia Property Market compared to the Western Nations. Further facts led to the belief that Kuala Lumpur and the Malaysian market is far below its true potential and there is plenty opportunities to tap into this lucrative market.

We learnt that a price drop is normally due to oversupply and speculation and overall AN Adjustment. Smart Investors must understand that Disorder and Dislocated is just another reflection on the buying opportunities. Unfortunately, as pointed out by Gavin, only 5% of the market see these opportunities as only a handful are prepared and educated enough to make the firm and accurate decisions whilst the rest go on a
“people buy, I buy” concept.

Overall, this Property Seminar was a huge success and ultimately satisfying, leaving the investors awaiting for the next upcoming event at KLCC Convention Centre with the topic

“Profiting from My First Property Purchase” on the 11th of October.
Not to be missed by first time buyers or those who wish to treat every property purchase as their first one.

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