Friday, 6 November 2009

Tourism-Related & Green Building Properties on the Rise

After the recently concluded Budget Talk, there was special emphasis on tourism-related properties as well as the introduction of the Green Building Index. The government is on the right track in focusing their efforts on areas like the tourism sector. During a time where the slowdown of the manufacturing & export industry is visible, the Budget 2010 does show the determination to develop the economy through tourism, where majority of foreign industries is indeed in an infant stage.

According to Gavin Tee, a Real Estate Investment Consultant, the Green Building Index will lead the way in all future developments. "The emphasis will be on environmental friendly energy savings, recycling of resources, and cost reduction for maintenance. Thus, the government's proposal for a tax & stamp duty exemption is an indicator of their determination in moving towards this new direction."

In conjunction with Gavin's 30th Property Talk in 2009, he will be offering a Free property talk on the 8th November (Sunday) in Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley. Individuals who are eager to gain the insights on the budget updates on GBI, RPGT, and the Potential tourism-related properties should not miss this opportunity.

The 1-hour talks will be scheduled at 11am and 4pm (2pm in Mandarin) along with an exhibition from 10am to 7pm. Those interested are welcome to join.

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